ATSIPP, AIPA & AIPEP Newsletter December 2020


As we reflect on the past year, we are struck by the strength and resilience demonstrated by our communities. The pandemic has caused such disruption to our lives with anxiety, fear, and grief among the prevalent responses. But it has also led to incredible acts of kindness and spirit that have drawn people together.
Reports of neighbours (some who were strangers until COVID19 hit) looking out for
and supporting each other are frequent, as are random acts of kindness being demonstrated around the country. Of particular importance was the way Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations dealt with the pandemic, which will bediscussed in detail later. As we mentioned in the last newsletter in May, the Government response to the pandemic has been positive in terms of service provision for those experiencing psychological distress. New items are available for Telehealth and more options for psychologists to support clients. However, there is still too little emphasis on preventative approaches to individual and community wellbeing and this was highlighted in the recent Productivity Commission report.