Guerin, B. (2011). A framework for decolonization interventions: broadening the focus for improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous communities. Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Aboriginal & Indigenous Community Health, 8(3), 61-83.

Colonization has spread around the world and inexorably affected millions of people over the last few centuries. There have been many scattered intervention strategies to overcome some of the long-term effects of colonization, especially for health, education, and employment. With respect to the inequalities and discriminations that have remained after centuries, however, it is less clear what might make a difference on such a large scale. I reviewed ten broad interventions that have been tried, including: indigenous people’s movements, cross cultural awareness training, antiracism and antidiscrimination training, decolonization workshops, liberation theology and psychology, and truth and reconciliation interventions. Some common and dissimilar themes are discussed, as well as ways forward. While provisional, it is hoped that an integrated and interdisciplinary framework might help to coordinate the efforts in local community contexts throughout the world.