Dudgeon, P., Rickwood, D., Garvey, D., & Gridley, H. (2014). A history of Indigenous psychology. In P. Dudgeon, H. Milroy & R. Walker (Eds.), Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice, 2nd edition (pp.40-54). Commonwealth of Australia. https://www.telethonkids.org.au/globalassets/media/documents/aboriginal-health/working-together-second-edition/wt-part-1-chapt-3-final.pdf

This chapter discusses how the discipline and practice of psychology has been part of the colonising process influencing the mental health of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It outlines events where the discipline of psychology has been supportive of, and responsive to, the Aboriginal mental health movement, heralding the empowerment and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples at all levels of mental health service provision. The chapter identifies key milestones in psychology, pointing to positive ways in which psychologists can work together with Aboriginal Australians to improve their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The chapter examines the different ways that psychology has impacted upon Aboriginal Australians—through science, practice and reflective action—and how these three domains intersect and interrelate, influencing the discipline’s understanding of, and responses to, Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing.