Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation. (2014). A Resource for Collective Healing for Members of the Stolen Generations: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Effective Local Responses. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/272026026_A_Resource_for_Collective_Healing_for_Members_of_the_Stolen_Generations_Planning_implementing_and_evaluating_effective_local_responses

The purpose of the resource is to:

Strengthen and build upon the work already being done in the community by Stolen Generations members, organisations and groups to provide collective healing responses.

Encourage the inclusion of collective healing responses in services provided to the Stolen Generations, including support groups, group therapy programs, day trips on country, healing circles, healing camps and reunions.

Improve the range and quality of social and emotional wellbeing and healing programs available to the Stolen Generations, in particular first generation survivors.

The first part presents the current state of knowledge about collective healing for people from the Stolen Generations. The second part provides a framework and tools for future work in this field, together with a list of additional resources. The final section contains a list of readings and resources that you may find helpful.