Eckermann, A.K., Dowd, T., Chong, E., Nixon, L., & Gray, R. (2010). Binan Goonj: bridging cultures in Aboriginal health. Elsevier Australia.

Despite years of research, policy changes and interventions, it is widely documented that the health status of many Aboriginal people remains the poorest in Australia. Binan Goonj, 3rd Edition: Bridging cultures in Aboriginal health explores the processes and practices underlying this situation, while providing practical strategies to work towards redressing it.

Key Features
· completely updated to reflect major Indigenous health policy changes since the second edition
· an in-depth exploration of the collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people
· the use of Aboriginal health case studies and critical incidences to bring academic discussion and analysis to life
· processes that have been successfully incorporated into 18 years of cross-cultural workshops