Arabena, K. (2021). Cultural Determinants of Health (CDoH) Webcast Series. The Centre For Healthcare, Knowledge & Innovation.

The Cultural Determinants of Health (CDoH) Webcast Series will explore a holistic definition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health as encompassing the wellbeing of the whole community. The key to this holistic conception is social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB): a positive state of mental health and happiness associated with a strong and sustaining cultural identity, community, and family life that provides a source of strength against adversity, poverty, neglect, and other challenges of life.
The CDoH Webcast Series will be filmed in six 1.5 hour parts and will invite a diverse panel of experts to explore:

Introduction: A Cultural Reset with Wayapa (31 March 2020)
Webcast 1: A Framework for Cultural Determinants of Health (recorded 23 April 2021)
Webcast 2: Connection to Land and Country (recorded 21 May 2021)
Webcast 3: Connection to Spirituality and Ancestors (recorded 16 July 2021)
Webcast 4: Connection to Family, Kinship and Community (recorded 13 August 2021)
Webcast 5: Connection to Mind and Body (recorded 17 September 2021)