Smith, P., Rice, K., Schutte, N., & Usher, K. (2023). Development and validation of the Cultural Responsiveness Assessment Measure (CRAM): A self-reflection tool for mental health practitioners when working with First Nations people. International Journal of Social Psychiatry.

BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to develop and to validate a measure of cultural responsiveness that would assist mental health practitioners across a range of disciplines, in Australia, to work with Indigenous clients. AIM: The Cultural Responsiveness Assessment Measure (CRAM) was developed to provide a tool for practitioners and students to evaluate their own culturally responsive practice and professional development. METHOD: Following expert review for face validity the psychometric properties of the measure were assessed quantitatively, from the responses of 400 mental health practitioners. RESULTS: Confirmatory Factor Analysis yielded a nine factor, 36 item instrument that demonstrated strong convergent and discriminant validity as well as test-retest reliability. CONCLUSIONS: It is anticipated that the CRAM will have utility as both a learning tool and an assessment measure, for mental health practitioners to ensure that services are culturally responsive for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.