Calma, T., Tervalon, M., Jones, R., Sherwood, J., McDermott, D., Lavallee, B. (2015). Finding Common Ground – Avoiding the Terminology Trap. The Lime Network.

The fourth Slice of LIME Seminar was held on 27th April 2015, hosted by the University of Sydney. This event was a Poche Indigenous Health Network Key Thinkers Forum and a National Senior Teaching Fellowship activity, supported by the Office of Learning and Teaching.

The forum focused on identifying and applying critical elements of cultural competency/humility/safety for effective cross-cultural work. It brought together key thinkers in this area to search for common ground, and sought to clarify our understanding of which elements, across the array of health care models, are critical to success, along with identifying any less-obvious barriers to effectiveness.

The forum was chaired by Dr Tom Calma, and featured Dr Melanie Tervalon (USA); Dr Rhys Jones (Aotearoa/New Zealand); Professor Juanita Sherwood (Australia); Professor Dennis McDermott (Australia); and Dr Barry Lavallee (Canada)