Compton, J. & Hocking, R. (Hosts). (2000-present). Healing Our Way Podcast. The Healing Foundation.

The Healing Our Way podcast was created in close consultation with The Healing Foundation’s Youth Reference Group. Season one explores topics relating to intergenerational trauma, racism, identity, culture, and healing. Season two takes a deep dive into intergenerational healing and the strengths and challenges that many First Nations youth are currently experiencing.

The series features Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices and experiences, seeks to promote truth telling, and inspire listeners to learn more about the Stolen Generations and the healing journey of descendants. By listening to young mob and speaking to young mob, we can continue to heal as a strong community and nation.

Season one is hosted by Wuthathi and Torres Strait Islander woman, Jax Compton with special guests. Season two, released in February 2024, takes you on a journey with Rachel Hocking, a Walpiri woman and renowned journalist, as your host. Get ready for diverse perspectives and enriching conversations.