Ansloos, J., Day, S., Peltier, S., Graham, H., Ferguson, A., Gabriel, M., Stewart, S., Fellner, K., & DuPré, L. (2022). Indigenization in clinical and counselling psychology curriculum in Canada: A framework for enhancing Indigenous education. Canadian Psychology / Psychologie canadienne. Advance online publication.

This article considers how to advance Indigenous education in counselling and clinical psychology in Canada, particularly at the intersection of curriculum, programmatic, and systemic shifts in graduate education. This article focuses on the curricular practices that the counselling and clinical psychology field could enact in efforts to advance reconciliation, reduce educational and mental health disparities that exist among Indigenous peoples in Canada, and strengthen Indigenous education in the field. To do this, the authors present a literature review on the status of Indigenous education research in counselling and clinical psychology and related fields in Canada and in similar international contexts. Centering analysis on the concept of Indigenization, a project concerned with infusing mainstream courses with content and pedagogical processes which speak to some experiences and concerns of Indigenous people, the authors present a framework for targeted changes in graduate curriculum. This framework organizes around the primary curricular domains of professional psychology, as well as some emerging domains of relevance for the fields of counselling and clinical psychology. The authors provide examples of Indigenous-specific psychological curricula and resources for Indigenization within psychology curriculum. Finally, the authors discuss the challenges and opportunities that Indigenization efforts in advanced psychological education present currently, as well as consider the role of self-determination in the future of Indigenous psychological education. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2022 APA, all rights reserved)