Charles Sturt University. Institutional Indigenous Cultural Competency Program. Charles Sturt University.

The Indigenous Cultural Competency Program (ICCP) responds to a series of strategic priorities at CSU where we aim to improve the education and lives for Indigenous Australians. The entire Indigenous Cultural Competency Program has three components:

Stage 1: The Individual Online Cultural Competency Program is available for all staff. This individual component of the journey to cultural competence has as its learning outcomes increased cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity, and should be completed by staff before progressing to Stage 2 of the program.

Stage 2: A team-based discussion with a new trigger resource Cassie’s Story 2: Mingaan Migay Yalblinya which can be used as a tool to engage staff in further discussion with staff across the University. Guidelines and support materials for Stage 2 are available on the ICCP website and

Stage 3: the creation by staff of a Community of Practice to share achievements and challenges and to build institutional capacity.