Matthews, V., Vine, K., Atkinson, A.-R., Jo, L., Lee, G. W., Vardoulakis, S., & Mohamed, J. (2023). Justice, culture, and relationships: Australian Indigenous prescription for planetary health. Science, 381(6658), 636-641.

Indigenous communities shoulder a disproportionate burden of ill health compounded by climate change. In Australia, the oldest surviving cultures have adapted their ecological knowledge over millennia and across climatic ages. However, European colonization has severely curtailed Indigenous peoples’ ability to adjust to climate change. An effective response to the climate crisis requires decolonizing processes to reform our relationship with the planet. From an Australian Indigenous perspective, precursors for a self-determined and healthier future are justice, culture, and relationships. We review existing studies on Indigenous-led contemporary climate and health initiatives to assess these precursors. There are examples that highlight the need to attend to issues of restorative justice as the basis for respectful valuing of culture and genuine collaboration to address the climate crisis.