Jackson, A.L., Waters, S.E., Meehan, T.L, Hunter, S. & Corlett, L.R. (2013). Key Messages – Making Tracks: Trauma-Informed Practice Guide for Aboriginal Young People Leaving Care. Berry Street. https://learning.berrystreet.org.au/sites/default/files/2018-05/Making-Tracks(Key-Messages).pdf

This practice guide highlights key messages arising from the development of a trauma and attachment-informed framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people leaving care. The more detailed framework is described in the Making Tracks: A trauma-informed framework for supporting Aboriginal young people leaving care (Jackson, Waters, Meehan, Hunter & Corlett, 2013). This practice guide draws on the messages from the overarching framework and considers some of the implications for practice in supporting young people form and sustain positive relationships, have a positive identity, a sense of belonging, learn, work and enjoy life. It is written specifically for those working with Aboriginal young people, although many of the messages are relevant to all young people leaving care.

This guide builds on the recent work undertaken by the Department of Human Services (DHS) in relation to transition planning and the use of the Looking After Children (LAC) framework. It applies a more concentrated cultural and trauma and attachment-informed approach when considering planning and actions to support Aboriginal young people leaving care.