Jackson, A.L., Waters, S.E., Meehan, T.L, Hunter, S. & Corlett, L.R. (2013). Making Tracks: A Trauma-Informed Framework for Supporting Aboriginal Young People Leaving Care. Berry Street. https://learning.berrystreet.org.au/resources/making-tracks

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people leaving out-of-home care are even more likely to experience poor outcomes and with more serious consequences

This framework is a trauma and attachment-informed approach embedded in a cultural, ecological and developmental perspective. It aims to help workers recognise and make sense of many of the young people’s behaviours, attitudes and responses to the ordinary and extraordinary challenges involved in the transition from care to adulthood. It is not meant to be a definitive guide on leaving care or on working with Aboriginal young people. It demonstrates how trauma and attachment theory when integrated with a cultural, developmental and ecological systems perspective can contribute to our knowledge and practice.