Wright, M. (2014). Reframing Aboriginal family caregiving. In P. Dudgeon, H. Milroy and R. Walker (Eds.), Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and welbeing principles and practice, 2nd edition (pp.243-256). Commonwealth of Australia. https://www.telethonkids.org.au/globalassets/media/documents/aboriginal-health/working-together-second-edition/wt-part-3-chapt-14-final.pdf

This chapter describes the experiences of caregiving for Aboriginal families living with a serious mental illness. It highlights the disconnection with mental health providers and their lack of knowledge of Aboriginal concepts of caregiving. Indeed, there is limited knowledge of the complexity of caregiving across the mental health sector. This chapter explores Aboriginal caregiving through multiple lenses. Firstly, through the global context for mental health and Aboriginal families; secondly, through stories of Aboriginal people’s experiences of mental health and caregiving; and, thirdly, through coalescing these experiences into considerations for an Aboriginal model of caregiving. It argues that Aboriginal mental health needs to be understood within the context of colonisation. Most importantly the chapter draws on the stories of Aboriginal people and their experiences of caregiving for those living with a serious mental illness to assist mental health practitioners and those working in the social services to gain a greater understanding in order to enhance their practice.