Dudgeon, P., Bray, A., & Walker, R. (2020). Self-determination and strengths-based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention: an emerging evidence-based approach. In A. Page, & W. Stritzke (Eds.), Alternatives to Suicide: Beyond risk and toward a life worth living (pp. 237-256). Academic Press. https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-12-814297-4.00012-1

This chapter explores the emerging international evidence-base within Indigenous suicide research which supports holistic, strengths-based, culturally safe prevention and focuses on the importance of self-determination and cultural-continuity within communities. The social and cultural determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide are discussed along with culturally specific understandings of living well, or social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB). The results of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Project (ATSISPEP) are highlighted. Supporting the restoration of life-affirming Indigenous knowledge systems is also argued to be vital to building resilience and cultural-continuity.