McDermott, D & Sjoberg. (2014, August 12). Slice of LIME Seminar 2: Having the Hard Conversations [Seminar]. Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-Being – Flinders University.

This second Slice of LIME Seminar took place on Tuesday 12 August 2014 at the University of Melbourne, presented by Professor Dennis McDermott and Mr Dave Sjoberg from the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health and Well-Being, Flinders University, South Australia.

This video recording shows the presentations, along with PowerPoint slides and the chat function used by those who were viewing online.

72 people participated in the session, with 35 attending in person, and 38 via an online stream. Those attending online were able to participate in the discussion through a text chat function, with questions conveyed to the presenters during the session.

The discussion focused on cultural safety in the health professions, and explored pedagogical methods in teaching health science students around issues such as racism, white privilege and stereotypes of Indigenous people.

“In the health professions, there is great diversity in the capacity of students for critical reflection, even in graduate-entry medicine. Yet, becoming a thinking, culturally safe practitioner is also the prerequisite for emerging as a clinically safe one.” McDermott, MJA 2012.