McAlister, T. J., Darwin, L., Turner, J., Trindall, M., Ross, L., Green, R., & Shand, F. (2017). The aftermath of Aboriginal suicide: Lived experience as the missing foundation for suicide prevention and postvention. Journal of Indigenous Wellbeing, 2(2), 49-58.

This paper aimed to highlight the systemic and theoretical barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have been bereaved by suicide. Incorporating the lived experiences of two advocates, Leilani Darwin and Julie Turner, and professional experiences of Matthew Trindall and Laura Ross, the paper explores the importance of including Aboriginal lived experiences in programs for Indigenous suicide prevention. Informed equally by an analysis of the lived experience and suicide prevention literature and the common themes presented throughout the lived experience accounts, it is recommended that more Indigenous-specific research is conducted in the sphere of lived experience in suicide bereavement, as well as dedicated effort to mentor and develop Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with lived experience and support them to influence and design prevention strategies at a local level. Keywords: Suicide, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, social and emotional wellbeing, lived experience