Telethon Kids Institute. (2014). The third conversation: has anything changed? The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Roundtable: Call to Action 2014.

The Roundtable brought together Aboriginal community leaders and experts in Indigenous mental health and suicide prevention along with experts, scholars and policy makers to engage in a third conservation about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and suicide prevention with Emeritus Professor Michael Chandler from the University of British Columbia. The Roundtable style enabled attendees from diverse backgrounds and areas to come together and share their knowledge and discuss ways forward. Relevant papers and briefs were sent prior to the Roundtable and this formed some of the basis about the discussions. Although specific speakers were nominated to provide brief overviews to topics that were addressed, people came together with the recognition that all attendees have much to offer the discussions. The speakers provided overviews to motivate and focus the process. We were particularly excited that we had a strong representation of Aboriginal individuals and community groups as well as leading community action groups, researchers and policy makers attending. Our conversations finished at the end of the two days with strong priority messages and outcomes detailed in a Call to Action.