Culture is Life. (2022). Understanding the Frontier Wars. SBS Learn.

This resource accompanies the SBS documentary The Australian Wars (produced by Blackfella Films) about the Frontier Wars – Australia’s longest war fought on home soil between 1790 and the 1940s.

SBS Learn strongly advises completing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protocols Guide – for Teachers before engaging with this teaching resource. This is essential to establishing a safe and culturally enriching learning environment for all students.

The resource includes:

  • Documentaries as a form of filmmaking;
  • Classroom-ready clips from the series launching each week as the three episodes air on SBS and NITV, and covering important issues raised in the selected clips;
  • Year 9: Understanding the movement of people, the short- and long-term effects of colonisation;
  • Year 10: Exploring text and resources from the documentary and analysing historical interpretations of these documents;
  • Years 11 & 12: Explore British Imperialism and the Industrial Revolution and examine impacts then and now;
  • Reflection questions to encourage deep thinking;
  • Classroom activities to enrich learning;
  • Expert guidance on cultural protocols; and
  • Further resources to build more in-depth lesson plans.