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Black & White

Drama portraying Rupert Max Stuart case involving verballing allegations in a case of alleged rape and murder of a 9-year-old Ceduna, SA, girl in 1959.

Journal Article

Reconciliation 2

An annotated poem inspired by the inquiry into the separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families challenges us to consider our


Blood Brothers – Broken English

Arrernte man Max Stuart was sentenced to death in 1959 for murder but, nearly 35 years later, he talks about the case on camera. Film


Benny and the Dreamers (1992)

A small group of Pintupi living in west Central Australia today can remember their first meeting with a white man, their first impressions of the


Redfern Speech

Redfern Speech (Year for the World’s Indigenous People) – Delivered in Redfern Park by Prime Minister Paul Keating, 10 December 1992. Duration: 8min25sec

Training and Units

CUC107 Cultural Intelligence and Capability

Cultural Intelligence and Capability explores important issues related to living, studying and working as a professional in the diverse social and cultural environments of contemporary